The Heritage Foundation, which is holding training sessions for Reagan administration appointees, has decided to eliminate its $800 entrance fee.

The fee prompted some controversy -- and an inquiry from Rep. Patricia Schroeder (D-Colo.) -- after the conservative research group suggested participants bill the agencies that they will be learning to manage.

Among the seminar topics are: how to "formulate a political agenda," "political control over financial questions," "the need to form networks" and "the process of 'capture,' whereby political appointees are converted into proponents of the interests of their own bureaucracies and begin to work against the philosophy of the president."

"Rather than have to hear about it, we decided to absorb the cost for these first four seminars," Heritage spokesman Herb Berkowitz said.

In a letter to Schroeder, Heritage vice president Phil Truluck said that $800 was in the middle range of fees charged for similar seminars by the Brookings Institution, the American Enterprise Institute and Harvard University. Some of these fees have been charged to the government.

Truluck said Heritage would conduct free sessions "because concerns have been raised within the executive branch that even the modest cost of our program would limit the number of non-career personnel who could receive the training."