Here is the text of the joint statement issued today by retired general William C. Westmoreland and CBS. The statement, dated Feb. 17, was signed by Westmoreland; George Vradenburg III, CBS general counsel; Mike Wallace, CBS correspondent, and George Crile III, CBS producer.

"Gen. William C. Westmoreland and CBS today jointly announced the discontinuance of the Westmoreland suit against CBS, Mike Wallace, George Crile and Sam Adams. The suit pertained to a CBS News broadcast 'The Uncounted Enemy: A Vietnam Deception,' broadcast on Jan. 23, 1982.

"The matters treated in that broadcast -- and the broadcast itself -- have been extensively examined over the past 2 1/2 years both in discovery and then through documents and witnesses presented by both sides in federal court.

"Historians will long consider this and other matters related to the war in Vietnam. Both parties trust their actions have broadened the public record on this matter.

"Now both Gen. Westmoreland and CBS believe that their respective positions have been effectively placed before the public for its consideration and that continuing the legal process at this stage would serve no further purpose.

"CBS respects Gen. Westmoreland's long and faithful service to his country and never intended to assert, and does not believe, that Gen. Westmoreland was unpatriotic or disloyal in performing his duties as he saw them.

"Gen. Westmoreland respects the long and distinguished journalistic tradition of CBS and the rights of journalists to examine the complex issues of Vietnam and to present perspectives contrary to his own."