This is one in a series of articles on President Reagan's proposed fiscal 1986 budget.

President Reagan has submitted a $3.809 billion Justice Department budget for fiscal 1986, an increase of $72 million over this year's budget.

Officials said the budget reflects the administration's interest in fighting crime. The department would add more than 1,000 positions -- in the offices of U.S. attorneys and marshals, FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration agents, among others.

The budget would make $182.6 million in program cuts, however. The largest, $69 million, would be achieved by cutting employes' salaries by 5 percent beginning next October.

The department also would trim $2.2 million when the President's Commission on Organized Crime goes out of business in March 1986, $5 million from a proposal that would force airlines -- rather than taxpayers -- to pay the overtime costs of Immigration and Naturalization Service agents at airports, and $67.6 million by phasing out grants for research on juvenile justice.

The budget seeks an additional $22 million for fiscal 1985 and $70 million for 1986 to implement the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984.

As a result of legislation creating 85 federal judgeships, the budget also would boost the number of department employes who work with federal judges.

Overall, the department's permanent workforce would grow to 62,281.