U.S. arms control adviser Paul H. Nitze took issue yesterday with a story and "particularly the headline" in Thursday's editions of The Washington Post about his testimony before the House Armed Services Committee.

Nitze, at the State Department daily news briefing, said his comments on the MX missile had been "taken out of context" and his views "misrepresented" in The Post account.

The article reported that Nitze told the House panel Wednesday that he doubted that withholding funds from the MX missile would have an "immediate or direct" impact on the current U.S.-Soviet arms talks in Geneva.

The report also quoted Nitze as supporting the MX and saying that a congressional move to withhold funds would encourage the Soviets to increase "their opposition and their propaganda."

The headline said, "Nitze Unlinks MX Funds, Arms Talks."

Nitze said his point was that withholding MX funds "might not manifest itself immediately in the Soviet position in Geneva" but that defeat of the MX "would be seen in Moscow as indicating a lack of U.S. resolve and that the Soviets would be encouraged to pursue their propaganda campaign designed to force unilateral U.S. concessions" rather than bargain seriously.