"We will not pull the rug out from under those people who are presently getting Social Security and are dependent on it. Nor has that ever been our intention . . . . There is a possibility -- well, probability -- that many people, young people now paying in, will never be able to receive as much as they're paying. But no plan will be allowed to reduce the payments to the present recipients of Social Security. This has been my pledge from the very beginning." -- Interview with San Antonio, Tex., television stations, July 2, 1984

"With regard to Social Security . . . I will say this: A president should never say 'never.' But I'm going to violate that rule and say 'never.' I will never stand for a reduction of the Social Security benefits to the people that are now getting them." -- Presidential debate, Louisville, Oct. 7, 1984

"The president will never stand for a reduction of Social Security benefits for anybody." -- White House spokesman Larry Speakes, Oct. 10, 1984

"You ladies and gentlemen of the press [should] go out of the way a little bit to tell these frightened senior citizens that they're going to continue to get their [Social Security] payments, and no one is going to take away anything from them." -- Interview, Cabinet Room of the White House, Oct. 25, 1984

"I want to make one thing plain -- and I hope to be able to talk to my contemporaries about this -- and say this, and that is: There is no secret plan to do anything about depriving people who are dependent on Social Security, and there never will be as far as I have anything to say about it." -- Remarks during visit to Wesley Park Senior Center, Milwaukee, Nov. 3, 1984

"The president has made it emphatic that he will not touch Social Security in any shape or fashion." -- Speakes, when asked if President Reagan would veto a bill with a one-year delay in cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), Dec. 6, 1984

"Up on the Hill there was widespread feeling about freezing the COLAs and Social Security . . . . We might be faced with an overwhelming bipartisan majority in both houses in support of that . . . . I would have to look at that situation and what I was faced with, with regard to a possible congressional mandate." -- News conference, Jan. 9, 1985