The Federal Aviation Administration has revoked the license of an American Airlines pilot after a jetliner carrying 152 people took off from the wrong runway at Mexico City March 29 and apparently struck a light standard beyond the end of the runway, an FAA spokesman confirmed yesterday.

The plane, American Flight 42, continued without incident to Dallas-Fort Worth airport, where it landed with one tire blown on the right main landing gear, federal and American Airlines officials said.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident, according to Truman W. (Lucky) Finch, chief of the board's Fort Worth field office. "There was a little mixup on the runways down there," he said.

Finch said the tire had blown shortly after takeoff, possibly as it hit the light standard. It is also possible that the light standard was hit by pieces of the tire. An automobile on the ground was also hit with debris.

An American Airlines spokesman said all three flight crew members have been "held from service" pending completion of the company's investigation.

An FAA emergency order of revocation was issued against Capt. Anthony Kowalski. Possible enforcement actions are under study for the copilot, the FAA spokesman said.