The Interstate Commerce Commission has seven commissioners. The number was incorrect in an article yesterday about furloughs at the agency.

The more than 900 employes of the Interstate Commerce Commission will begin taking one day off a week without pay starting Monday so the ICC can finish the 1985 fiscal year within its budget, an agency spokesman said yesterday.

Chairman Reese H. Taylor told the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on transportation recently that, unless the ICC's request for a supplemental appropriation was approved or clearly on track by April 11, that action -- in effect, a 20 percent pay cut for the rest of the year -- would be necessary. Congress is out of town and there has been no movement in the Senate on the agency's appropriation.

The ICC says it needs about $3.5 million to get through the rest of the year without furloughs and the Office of Management and Budget supports the ICC's request for a supplemental appropriation. The Senate subcommittee has taken the view that the ICC knew what its budget was last October and should lay off personnel and cut costs to meet it.

The five commissioners cannot be furloughed legally, according to ICC spokesman Robert Dahlgren. However, Commissioner Andrew Strenio announced that he will give up 20 percent of his pay voluntarily until the issue is resolved. Strenio directed that the funds be used for commission's personnel expenses. Dahlgren said Strenio is the only commissioner who has taken that action.