Laboratory tests have cast new doubt on the latest story told by Cathleen Crowell Webb, who recently recanted a charge that she was raped eight years ago, the Chicago Sun-Times reported today.

Gary Dotson, who was jailed six years ago after Webb identified him as her assailant, was released from prison last Thursday on $10,000 bond, pending a hearing later this week.

Webb testified last week that she had had several sexual encounters with a suburban Beverly youth and later falsely accused Dotson of rape to explain a possible pregnancy.

The Beverly youth, now a 25-year-old airman in Utah, has provided authorities with blood and saliva samples, as have Webb and Dotson.

The airman's samples have been analyzed by the Illinois State Crime Laboratory, according to the Sun-Times.

It quoted sources as saying the tests show that he could not have been responsible for any of the physical evidence of intercourse that was recovered from Webb at the time she made the rape charge in 1977.

Lab tests of blood and saliva samples taken from Dotson and Webb eight years ago were inconclusive.

Webb said she identified Dotson from police files. He was convicted of rape and sentenced to Joliet Correctional Center for 25 to 50 years.