On Handicapped Lobby

Although the handicapped constituency has experienced some curtailment of its increasingly unreasonable demands, overall it seems to be experiencing a great deal of success attaining its ends.

The success of the handicapped constituency at the federal level was impressive. It had money, "deep conviction" and little opposition. It seemed to occupy the moral high ground which few could bring themselves to oppose. On Education Dept.

The proper role of the federal government in education is no role. It was never intended that the federal government become involved in this domain. Education is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. On Equality

There is no injustice in the universe. As unfair as it may seem, a person's external circumstances do fit his level of inner spiritual development. The purpose (and the challenge) of life is for a person to take what he has and to use it for spiritual growth. Those of the handicapped constituency who seek to have others bear their burdens and eliminate their challenges are seeking to avoid the central issues of their lives.

The order in the universe is composed of different degrees of development. There is a higher (more advanced) development and a lower (less advanced) . . . . Man cannot, then, within one short life span and from without, raise the lower to meet the higher. Because performance depends on evolution, the only way the performance of the lower can be made equal to that of the higher is artificially to constrain and pervert the performance of the higher . . . . This artificial constrainment is exactly what has happened over the past two decades.