Two ambulance attendants appearing at the official inquiry into the killing of 20 blacks by police near Uitenhage gave testimony today supporting charges by black community leaders that there were additional, unreported deaths in the March 21 clash.

The two men testified that they saw a dead child and four other bodies in the bathroom of the Uitenhage hospital where those injured in the shooting were being treated. The men said the child, about 2 years old, had what looked like a bullet wound in the head, and said they had heard other ambulance attendants say they had taken the body to the hospital from the scene of the shooting.

One of the ambulance attendants, Joseph Berry, said that judging by their wounds he concluded that the other four bodies were also victims of the shooting.

There is no child aged 2 in the official list of casualties. Charges have been made by black community leaders that police have withheld some corpses. Molly Blackburn, a white member of the Cape Provincial Council, testified today that 23 persons in Langa township, where the shooting took place, have been missing since March 21.

Meanwhile, police headquarters in Pretoria retracted as untrue a statement it issued last night about a white man being pulled from a car and set on fire by a black mob in Uitenhage.

The white man who gave them this report admitted today that he had lied, a new police statement tonight said. It added that the injured man, Erasmus Jacobs, 30, had been burned while visiting an illegal black drinking establishment.