At a recent White House meeting in which aides discussed President Reagan's visit to the German war cemetery at Bitburg, White House communications director Patrick J. Buchanan could be seen repeatedly writing the phrase "succumbing to the pressure of the Jews," NBC News reported last night.

NBC said it reached Buchanan to ask about this incident and, according to anchorman Tom Brokaw, Buchanan said it was "utterly absurd to believe that something he wrote on a piece of paper represents his views."

An attempt to reach Buchanan for further comment after the NBC broadcast last night was unsuccessful.

The NBC account of Buchanan's meeting note was reported by the network's State Department correspondent, Marvin Kalb.

Kalb gave no source for the story that Buchanan had repeatedly written "succumbing to the pressure of the Jews." Kalb recounted the story in a report on political problems that the Bitburg visit has caused for Reagan and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Despite pleas from many Jewish and veterans organizations and most members of Congress, Reagan has repeatedly reaffirmed his plan to visit the cemetery, which includes the graves of 49 soldiers who served in the Nazi SS. The visit is scheduled Sunday.