Based on a wire service report, an item on yesterday's Federal Report page incorrectly stated that the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee split along party lines when it approved two nominees to the Legal Services Corp. board of directors. Sen. Claiborne Pell (D-R.I.) voted for the nomination of LeAnne Bernstein and Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.) voted for the nomination of Michael Wallace.

The Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee yesterday endorsed and sent to the full Senate 11 Reagan administration nominations for the board of directors of the Legal Services Corp.

The appointees, who have been serving as interim directors of the embattled agency, were nominated last year, but the Senate never acted on their nominations.

Endorsed by unanimous vote were acting Chairman William Durant III, Hortencia Benavides, Paul Eaglin, Pepe Mendez, Lorain Miller, Thomas Smegal, Claude Swafford, Basile Uddo and Robert Valois.

Approved separately on 10-to-6, party-line votes were LeAnne Bernstein and Michael Wallace. Committee Democrats said they remained opposed to their nominations because they doubt whether Bernstein and Wallace are committed to the agency's mission of providing legal help to the poor.

Bernstein was accused of scheduling board meetings without proper notice and in inaccessible locations when she served as the panel's secretary two years ago. Democrats questioned Wallace's commitment to the legal rights of minorities and the poor when he served as a top aide to Rep. Trent Lott (R-Miss.).

But committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) said the nominees had convinced a majority of panel members that they are committed to serving the poor even though they might agree with President Reagan that the agency should be abolished.

If the nominees are confirmed by the Senate, it would mark the first time in the Reagan administration that a confirmed board of directors was installed for the corporation.