Don't say you haven't been warned: Maryland state police have just warned the world of a tough road ahead. Those drivers who like to believe that 55 mph means cruises at 60 with a spurt of 65 are in for a new awakening. Effective already, the state is being peppered with "rolling roadblocks" -- police cruisers lined up abreast across all lanes of traffic, traveling at 55, preventing motosrists from passing. And that's not all. Other surprises include radar-gun-toting, officers in tractor-trailers, pickup trucks and foreign cars, putting the bead on unsuspecting speeders.

Initially, these moving roadblocks are being set up on highways with the highest number of speeders, including I-95, the Baltimore Beltway, I-83 and I-70, according to authorities, and each line will remain in formation for a stretch of five to 10 miles before turning around and doing the same thing in the opposite direction. But no road in the state has been ruled out as a possible beat for these new maneuvers.

Sgt. Bill Tower, a police spokesman, says motorists shouldn't expect to get away with driving 60 or 65 either. Abuses have become so great, says the sergeant, that "some of out troopers are even being passed as they drive marked police cars."

No doubt it's only a matter if time before some clever lawyer challenges the roadblocks and radar traps as unfair uses of government authority, violations of motorists' rights to know and psychologically damaging experiences harmful to innocent passengers. Forget it. Life is too short.