Hello. I am Congressman Don Edwards, dean of the California Democratic congressional delegation.

We Democrats say, "Welcome Home from Europe, Mr. President." And we join you in the celebration of Mother's Day.

Mr. President, now that you're home, we have work to do together. Let's roll up our sleeves and begin.

Mr. President, yesterday the Republican Senate, at your request, voted to reduce Social Security payments by 6 billions of dollars.

That is why virtually every Democratic senator voted No.

The Senate Republican budget would mean that an additional 500,000 of America's senior citizens would be below the official poverty level.

Most of these poor older Americans will be women, Mr. President, and many thousands will be mothers.

Mr. President, on Mother's Day have you forgotten about the grandmothers of America?

. . . What hurts, Mr. President, is that the Republican Senate at your request cut Social Security pensions and in the same vote gave the military a 10 to 12 billion-dollar increase. . . .

It is simply not fair that you are asking Social Security pensioners to take less; middle-income families to sacrifice; and yet many of the largest, richest and most powerful corporations in America get a free ride.

Let me give you an example, from my home town of San Jose, Calif., where there is a mother with three children, making $12,000 in 1983, and yet that one family paid more in taxes than General Electric, Dupont, Boeing and Texaco combined. On Mother's Day let's remember her too. . . .