A report released yesterday, addressing allegations of wrongdoing by the board that oversees the operation of three Prince George's hospitals, absolves the members of conflict of interest, but criticizes the board president for allowing his brother to work for the board.

The report was prepared by a five-member ad hoc committee of the board of Community Hospital and Health Care Systems Inc. (CHHCS), which oversees Prince George's General Hospital, Greater Laurel-Beltsville Hospital and the Bowie Health Center.

On several issues, the report said that while some business decisions may have been unwise, there was no evidence of illegal behavior among board members. The report said the hiring of Rick Brady, brother of board President Robert J. Brady Jr., was "an imprudent practice, and one that casts suspicion on the hiring process."

Robert Brady said that in hindsight he probably should not have allowed the hiring of his brother. In general, he said he sees the report as "vindication of the board."

Earlier this year, ousted board members and county officials questioned the competency of Brady and other CHHCS officials, alleging that mismanagement led to a loss of profits and that consultants and business associates were allowed to benefit handsomely from contracts with the hospitals.

The report also made several recommendations, some of which Brady said are already in the works. It calls for the hiring of a chief operating officer -- a post that has been vacant for more than a year. A financial officer and manuals outlining personnel and administrative policies are also called for.