Chanting antigovernment slogans and singing protest songs, 72 South Korean students who had been occupying the U.S. Information Service building since Thursday left voluntarily shortly after noon yesterday.

As they left, the students shouted "Down with military dictatorship!" and "Stop supporting the military regime!"

Several hundred police prevented them from marching into the streets in the heart of Seoul and put them into buses that took them to two Seoul city- operated hospitals for what was called a medical checkup, special correspondent Young H. Lee reported. One student had been taken earlier yesterday to a hospital after she fainted, apparently from exhaustion.

Before they left, the students declared that they would countinue to fight for democracy. One of their statements said, "We sincerely apologize for occupation of the American installation," but it added, "We will continue to fight to make the United States apologize for its role in the 1980 Kwangju incident."

U.S. Ambassador Richard Walker, in a press conference after the students left, said, "The settlement through quiet negotiation and reason can serve as an example for all concerned. We have emerged without damage to relations between our two countries or to our unbending security commitment on the Korean Peninsula."