Violence involving soccer fans has occurred in many countries, but the supporters of British teams are particularly famous for their involvement in serious fights at games. A partial list of incidents involving British fans follows:*On May 11, nearly 60 persons died in a fire at the Bradford stadium in West Yorkshire, in part because the stadium doors had been locked in a crowd control effort.*On March 5, 23 persons were injured and 100 arrested during fights after a domestic English League game at Chelsea, west London.*On March 13, riots during a game between Luton Town and Millwall resulted in injuries to 31 policemen and 16 fans as well as extensive damage in the town of Luton, where Millwall fans went on a rampage.*On May 8, 1984, a fan of the English club team, Tottenham Hotspur, was shot dead and 200 of the team's supporters were arrested in a rampage through the streets of Brussels before and after a match against Anderlecht.*On Feb. 28, 1984, British fans cause nearly $1 million damage in and around the Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris after a nonleague international game in which France beat England 2-0.*In November 1983, the city center of Luxembourg was damaged by English fans disappointed in the results of a European Championship match. *In 1982, a World Cup qualifying match between Britain and Denmark was followed by a day of drunken brawling in the streets of Copenhagen. There were other disturbances by Manchester United supporters in Valencia, Spain. *In a 1982 match in Belgium involving the London club Aston Villa, the game was stopped because of violence and 20 injuries and eight arrests resulted. *In 1981, British fans ran amok in Basel, and later in Oslo and Amsterdam. *In 1980, West Ham supporters rioted in Madrid. *During the England-Belgium game in Turin, Italy, at the final round of the 1980 European Championships, battles broke out in the stands, and police brought in tear gas. *In 1977, Manchester United supporters rioted during a game in the northern French town of St. Etienne and the team was excluded from European matches that round. *In 1975, the Leeds team was banned from European play for four years after rioting during the European Cup final in Paris. *In 1974, Tottenham team supporters rioted during European Cup final in Rotterdam. *In 1962, the Glasgow Rangers club was suspended from European competition after its supporters rioted in Barcelona.