The European Football Union banned English soccer teams indefinitely from European competition yesterday because of the riot at a match last week in Belgium in which 38 persons were killed.

"The ban starts immediately and is for an indefinite time," the president of the soccer organization, Jacques Georges of France, said at a news conference after an emergency meeting of the group's executive committee, United Press International reported.

The deaths, including 31 Italians, occurred at the European Champions' Cup soccer match in Brussels Wednesday, when British fans of FC Liverpool invaded a section filled with Italian supporters of Turin's Juventus team.

The rampage led the Belgian government to ban all British soccer teams from Belgium, and the English Football Association -- governing body of English soccer clubs -- barred English teams from all European competition for one year.

The European ban on English teams is similar to the English Football Association's ban and will last from three to five years, if not longer, a spokesman said. "It will be decided at a later meeting whether the English national team will be allowed to compete in the next European Championship," Georges said.

In London, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said the government was going to outline proposals to ban alcohol at soccer grounds and on trains carrying soccer supporters. Opposition leader Neil Kinnock supported the move.