Reports reaching here from the city of Gorki have raised the possibility that dissident physicist Andrei Sakharov and his wife may have been moved to another apartment.

A traveler from Gorki reported that the windows on the Sakharov's apartments have been closed with curtains for more than a month and that the physicist's automobile is no longer parked where it used to be. Also, a police van positioned near Sakharov's first-floor balcony has been gone for the same period of time.

It was not possible to assess this report because other means of public communications do not exist with Gorki, an industrial city 250 miles east of here, where Sakharov and his wife, Yelena Bonner, have lived in almost complete isolation for more than a year.

Dissident sources here said that the couple had met with their lawyer in a Gorki hotel in April and that their friends had received a telegram from Gorki in May.

Sources close to the Soviet Academy of Sciences reported that the authorities have refused to accept Sakharov's letter of resignation from the academy and that he continues to be regarded as its member, drawing the pay of a full academy member.

Sakharov said earlier this year that he intended to resign his membership unless something was done to ease his isolation. He said his resignation was to become effective May 10.

The physicist, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his human rights activities, was banished to Gorki in 1980. Until a year ago, his wife was allowed to travel between Gorki and Moscow and maintain contacts with foreigners and friends. She was believed to have been restricted to Gorki after authorities said they discovered a plot under which she was to seek asylum in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.