Education Secretary William J. Bennett has named Loye W. Miller, a veteran newspaper reporter, to be his chief press spokesman, a department official said yesterday.

Bennett also named another new special assistant, Harvard political science professor William Kristol, to serve as a policy adviser. Kristol is the son of neoconservative theoretician Irving Kristol.

Both appointments are effective immediately, and neither requires Senate confirmation.

Miller joins the department to help reshape Bennett's image as a controversial figure often prone to slips-of-the-tongue. In his first news conference after taking the job, Bennett drew criticism for saying college students hurt by budget cuts should consider selling their cars and stereos. Later, he said parents with several children should try "family planning" when deciding whether they can afford college. An aide later explained that Bennett meant financial planning, not population control.

Miller, 55, is a political writer and White House reporter for Newhouse News Service. Bennett said, "His experience as a member of the Washington press corps will add a unique dimension to our public affairs office."

Kristol, a neoconservative like his father, comes into the department at a time when Bennett has been under consistent fire from his one-time allies of the New Right, who now accuse Bennett of a "cave-in" on conservative principles.

Kristol, 32, is an assistant professor of public policy at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

A spokesman said Kristol will be paid a salary of $52,262. Miller will be paid $29.37 per hour as a temporary expert until a slot opens up.