1966: John Anthony Walker Jr. serves as a radioman on the USS Simon Bolivar, a nuclear submarine; he earns $6,720 a year.

* July 6, 1966: Walker buys 4.87 acres of land for $16,025 in Ladson, S.C., a rural community about 14 miles north of Charleston, according to local court records. Walker takes out a first mortgage of $15,400. He also takes out a second mortgage of $4,249, apparently to finance construction of a one-story concrete block building that first houses a sandwich shop, then a bar and now is headquarters for VFW Post 3433. Today the land and building have a combined assessed value of $49,100. In a financial statement Walker files in federal court , Walker says he still owes $10,000 on the property and his monthly payments are $110. VFW Post Commander Glen Houck says the post had rented the building from Walker since 1982. Previously it was a "rundown red-neck bar," he adds.

* 1968: Walker's estimated annual salary is now $8,700 July 1968: Walker buys two lots in the Bahamas, according to Vernon Curtis, a real estate agent in GeorgeTown, a settlement on the island of Exuma northwest of Nassau. Curtis gives this account of Walker's transactions: Walker purchases the land sight unseen for about $1,200 per lot. After personally inspecting the properties in November 1968 he swaps them for two others in the same area. The price for the new lots is $2,995 each. Walker makes a small down payment on the lots and pays them off in about 10 years. Today the lots, still undeveloped, would sell for about $10,000 each. Says Curtis: "It was a good investment."

* 1969-1971: According to an FBI affidavit, Walker takes several trips to the Washington D.C. area and drops a paper bag containing what is believed to be classified documents. On one trip he collects a paper bag containing $35,000, according to the affidavit. Theaffidavit said this information was provided by a confidential informant.

* Nov. 5, 1974: Walker and his wife buy a house at 8524 Old Ocean View Rd., Norfolk, assuming a $45,000 loan. The balance on the loan today is $40,194 and monthly payments are $440. After the couple divorces in 1976, the house is conveyed to John Walker. The house is now assessed at $80,000.

Feb. 25, 1975: A business started by Walker, the American Association of Professional Sales Persons, is incorporated. The business is dissolved on June 1, 1979.

June 23, 1975: Walker Enterprises of Virginia Beach is incorporated with Arthur Walker as president and John Walker as secretary-treasurer. The brothers have an arrangement with local car dealers to install radios and stereo equipment in cars. But the business doesn't do well, and the IRS places a $28,207 lien against the firm for failure to pay its 1979 taxes. The charter is dissolved in 1983.

July 15, 1975: Walker buys a third lot in Exumas in the Bahamas for $5,393, according to records there.

July 21, 1975: Walker buys a canal-front lot in Colington Harbour, a development in North Carolina's Outer Banks area. Court records suggest Walker pays $5,500 in cash for the undeveloped lot. Current assessed value for the lot is $6,500. Walker pays an annual membership fee of $75.

February 25, 1976: Walker borrows $6,400 from the Navy Federal Credit Union, Norfolk, to buy a $8,900 houseboat with a 250-horsepower engine. Walker pays off his four-year loan in two. On the loan application Walker lists $108,000 in assets, including 10 100-ounce bars of silver, the Norfolk house, the South Carolina property and the North Carolina lot, and debts of $117,000.

March 3, 1976: Walker buys a ocean-front lot in Norfolk a short distance from his home. court records indicate the property costs $52,700 and he takes out a $30,000 mortgage. The mortgage is satisfied August 13, 1981. The property is nowassessed at $52,000. Walker's houseboat is kept at the lot.

June 22, 1976: Barbara and John Walker divorce. The agreement calls for Walker to pay his ex-wife a $10,000 cash settlement and $500 a month in child support. She also receives some property in Florida which they jointly owned while he receives the South Carolina and North Carolina properties.

July 1976: Walker retires from the Navy after 21 years with an annual salary of about $18,000. He now receives retirement pay of about $14,500 annually.

May 12, 1977: Walker borrows money from the Navy Federal Credit Union to buy a new single-engine Grumman American aircraft. Today, Walker still owes about $11,000 on the plane, which is assessed at $16,500. The plane is kept at Norfolk International Airport.

Nov. 7, 1977: Walker borrows money from the Bank of Virginia-Eastern to buy two outboard motors. The loan is paid off Feb. 2, 1979, court records show.

Oct. 21, 1980: Confidential Reports, a private detective firm, is incorporated; John Walker is named as president and Arthur Walker as secretary-treasury. Laurie Robinson, his former partner and now full owner, says the business now grosses about $120,000 a year.

Jan. 30, 1981: Associated Agents is incorporated with John Walker as president and Arthur Walker as secretary-treasurer. The company also operates as Electronic Counter-Spy, court records show. Walker, through Associated Agents and Counter-Spy, helps companies guard against industrial espionage.

1982: John Walker pays Arthur Walker $12,000 cash for classified material relating to national defense, according to Arthur Walker's statement to the FBI. Arthur had obtained the papers from the VSE Corp., a Norfolk defense contractor, where he had been working since Februrary, 1980, according to an FBI affidavit.

1983: Walker borrows money from the Navy Federal Credit Union to buy a 1980 Chrysler New Yorker, according to court records. Today he owes $800 on the car, which is assessed at $6,500.

1984: John Walker gives his son, Michael, $1,000 in exchange for documents received earlier, according to an FBI affidavit.

May 20, 1985: John Walker is arrested, and his son, Michael, is arrested two days later. Brother, Arthur, is arrested May 29, and friend, Jerry Whitworth, is arrested June 3. All are charged with espionage.

June 4-5, 1985: IRS seizes seizes all of Walker's property to satisfy tax lien for $252,000 for income since 1979.