Fifteen passengers who had been aboard Trans World Airlines flight 847 could not be accounted for late yesterday, as airline officials and news services continued to have difficulty in producing a passenger list.

A list compiled by The Washington Post from various sources contained 153 names.

A letter sent from the plane was purportedly signed by 29 passengers. One of them, Robert Peel Sr., was later released by the hijackers.

According to the airline, some hijackers took perhaps 12 passengers off the plane in Beirut. However, 15 passengers were not reported on any list of those known to be released or remaining on the plane. One of these 15 is probably the man slain early Saturday in Beirut.

TWA reported 44 passengers were either on the plane or removed in Beirut, one more than The Post's count.

Here is a list of the crew members and the passengers, as compiled from information supplied by TWA officials in New York, freed passengers, their friends and relatives, news agencies and other sources. CREW MEMBERS NOT REPORTED RELEASED (3)

John L. Testrake, 57, Richmond, Mo., captain

Philip G. Maresca, 42, Salt Lake City, first officer

Benjamin C. Zimmermann, 45, Cascade, Idaho, flight engineer PASSENGERS WHO SIGNED LETTER FROM PLANE AND ARE STILL NOT REPORTED RELEASED (28)

V. Amburg, Cairo, Egypt

Kenneth Anderson, Fox River Grove, Ill.

Jerome Barzak, San Diego

Michael Brown, 27, North Miami Beach

Leo C. Byron, 47, Harrisburg, Pa.

Thomas Collins, Vermont

Allyn Conwell, 39, Houston

Stuart Darsch, Buffalo, N.Y.

The Rev. Thomas J. Dempsey, St. Charles, Ill.

Grant Elliott, Algonquin, Ill.

Vincente Garza, 53, Laredo, Tex.

Simon Grossmayer, Algonquin, Ill.

William J. Darras, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Peter Hill, Chicago

James Hoskins, 22, Indianapolis

Raymond Johnson, Aurora Ill.

George Lazansky, 52, Algonquin, Ill.

Jack McCarty, Boston.

The Rev. James W. McLoughlin, Geneva, Ill.

Richard Moon, Virginia or Asheville, N.C.

Thomas W. Murray, 52, Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Jim Palmer, 48, Little Rock

Robert Peel Jr., 33, Hutchinson, Kan.

Blake Synnestvedt, 24, Philadelphia

Arthur Toga, 33, St. Louis

Ralf Traugott, Lunenberg, Mass.

Claude Whitmoyer, Maryland


P. Bowen, Virginia

Robert Brown, 42, Stowe, Mass.

Kurt Carlson, Chicago

S. Dahl, Virginia

S. Elkobbi, Beirut

R. Herzberg, Norfolk

J. Ingalls, Virginia

Demir Roussos or Russos, Athens, Greece

S. Salvan, Beirut

P. Smith, Virginia

M.R. Stethem, Virginia

Clinton Suggs, 29, Norfolk

Robert Trautmann, 37, Laredo, Tex.

Christos Varelogiannis, Lowell, Mass.


Lorraine Anderson, Fox River Grove, Ill.

Helen Argyrakis, San Francisco

Anne Ashmore and daughter, Arlene, 24, Atlanta

Bernice Balt, 75, Aurora, Ill.

Stanley Balt, 70, and wife Evelyn, 70, Oswego, Ill.

Penny Bamford, 34, Hanover, Pa.

Sherry Barnes, Maine

Laura Bergman, Chicago

Almedas Berry, California

William Berry, California

Judith Ditchkus Brown, 25, North Miami Beach

Carolyn Byron, 44, and daughter, Pamela, 13, Harrisburg, Pa.

Isabella Carpio, Chicago

Janine Cataldo, 34, Lexington, Mass.

Itor Cesaretti, Italy

Judith Chudigian, 48, Lexington, Mass.

William Cocoris, Milton, Mass.

E. Costalupes, San Francisco

Christine Cooke, 34, Boston

Dino Cucchi, San Francisco

Loretta Cucchi, San Francisco

Kathryn A. Davis, 22, Indianapolis

Jose Delgado, 64, and wife, Sylvia Delgado, 58, Escondido, Calif.

Genevieve Doris, 49, and daughter, Martha, 22, Sparta, N.J.

Irma Garza, 48, wife of Vincente Garza, of Laredo, Tex.

Elaine Grossmayer, wife of Simon Grossmayer, Algonquin, Ill.

Habte Berhanu, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Ben Harris, Austin, Tex.

Mary Lee Harris, Austin, Tex.

R. Henderson, Melbourne, Australia

R. Henderson, Melbourne

W. Henderson, Melbourne

Susan Herzberg, Norfolk

Margaret Johnson, Chicago

Delores C. Kowalczyk, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Sophie Kowalczyk, Chicago

Eleni Lagou, Feliatis, Greece

K.M. Lanham, Italy

Laskarides, San Francisco

Jo Ann Lazansky, 49, wife of George Lazansky, Algonquin, Ill.

Agnes Leber, 53, Middletown, R.I.

Edward Liebst, 65, Lake in the Hills, Ill.

Marie Liebst, wife of Edward Liebst, Lake in the Hills, Ill.

Paula Loftus, Lake in the Hills, Ill.

A.M. Mazouki, Tunis, Tunisia

Emily Mazurowski, 63, Lancaster, N.Y.

John Mazurowski, 65, Lancaster, N.Y.

Melissa Mazurowski, 19, daughter of John, Williamsville, N.Y.

The Rev. P. William McDonnell, Algonquin, Ill.

Loretta McLoughlin, Deerfield, Ill.

Eunice Milton, Algonquin, Ill.

Dimitrios Mingos, 66, Feliatis, Greece

Abdalla Mohamed, Khartoum, Sudan

Thelma Murray, New Jersey

Ed Novak and wife, Janet, Algonquin, Ill.

Mary Palesse, West Allis, Wis.

Joe Don Palmer, 13, Little Rock.

Sammie Palmer, 47, wife of Jim, Little Rock.

Kristi Peel, 33, wife of Robert Peel Jr., Hutchinson, Kan.

Robert Peel Sr., 58, and wife Esther, or Lou, Peel, Hutchinson, Kan.

Douglas Porter, Geneva, Ill.

Genevieve Porter of Geneva, Ill.

Frances N. Reynolds, Chicago

Pamela Rice, 35, Middletown, R.I.

Mauri Schwartz, San Francisco

Frank Scibetta, Ill.

Josephine Scibetta, Geneva, Ill.

Jane Sharp, 21, wife of Blake Synnestved, Philadelphia

Neta Slotowski, Huntley, Ill.

Paula Sukeforth, 25, Lexington, Mass.

Dorothy Sullivan, Aurora, Ill.

Ann Summers, Alexandria

Diamandoula Thanos, Feliatis, Greece

John Thanos, 13, Feliatis, Greece

Minas Thanos, Feliatis, Greece

Arthur Targontsidis, 18, Brockton, Mass.

Elizabeth Tartas, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Theophilos Tartas, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Debra Toga, 27, wife of Arthur Toga, St. Louis

Irma Trautmann, 31, wife of Robert Trautmann and daughter of Irma Garza, and daughters Adriana, 13, and Katherine, 3, and son Ashley, 4, Laredo, Tex.

Dorothy Tressler, 62, Braintree, Mass.

Arlene Turner, Boston

Tzanoudaki, Boston

Frank Walsh, Boston

Kathleen Walsh, Boston

Burton Weber, 45, wife Patricia, and daughters Lynn Marie, 16, and Mari-Pat, 18, Albuquerque

Marsha Willett, 32, wife of Steve Willett, and sons Christopher, 17, and Joshua, 9, Choupic, La.

Gail Zillgett, 20, Indianapolis CREW MEMBERS RELEASED (5)

Judy A. Cox, Westwood, Kan., flight attendant

Uli Derickson, 40, Newton, N.J., flight attendant

Hazel Hesp, 43, Old Greenwich, Conn., flight attendant

Elizabeth J. Howes, 43, New York, flight attendant

Helen M. Sheahan, District of Columbia, 42, flight attendant