Meets at 9 a.m.


Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry -- 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Open. Mark up the 1985 farm bill. 328A Russell Office Building. Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Open. Defense subc. Hrngs. on Soviet strategic force developments (joint meeting with Armed Services strategic and theater nuclear forces subc.). 192 Dirksen Office Building. Armed Services -- 2 p.m. Open. Manpower and personnel subc. Hrngs. on the Nat'l Security Protection Act of 1985. 232A ROB. Commerce, Science and Transportation -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Aviation subc. Hrngs. on transfer of National and Dulles Airports (Wash. Metro. Airports Improve. Act). 253 ROB. Finance -- 9 a.m. Open. Nomination hrngs. on S. Bruce Smart Jr. to be undersec. of commerce for int'l. trade. 9:30 a.m. Open. Hrngs. on tax reform (R&D credits and venture capital). 215 DOB. Governmental Affairs -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Oversight of gov't. management subc. Hrngs. on DOL's enforcement of ERISA (employe retirement). 342 DOB. Governmental Affairs -- 1 p.m. Open. Intergovernmental relations subcommittee. Hearings on deductions for state and local taxes. 342 DOB. Judiciary -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Constitution subc. Mark up Sex Discrimination in the U.S. Code Reform Act of 1985, and voluntary silent school prayer. 226 DOB. Judiciary -- 2 p.m. Open. Hrngs. on nomination of Louis Stanton to be district judge. 226 DOB. Labor and Human Resources -- 2 p.m. Open. Children, family, drugs, and alcoholism subc. Mark up Children's Justice Act (child sexual abuse). 430 DOB. Select on Indian Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Hearings on federal standards for gaming activities on Indian lands. 628 DOB. Select on Intelligence -- 9:30 a.m. Closed. Hrngs. on intelligence matters. 219 Hart Office Building. HOUSE

Meets at 10 a.m.


Agriculture -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Livestock, dairy and poultry subc. Hrng. on dairy portion of farm bill. 1302 Longworth House Office Building. Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Open. Treas., postal service subc. Mark up FY86 appropriations. H-164 Capitol. Appropriations -- 11 a.m. Open. HUD-indep. agencies subc. Mark up FY86 appropriations. H-143 Cap. Armed Services -- 9 a.m. Open. Invest. subc. Continue hrngs. on JCS reorganization. 2212 Rayburn House Office Building. Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Economic stabilization subc. Hrng. on trade remedies. 2128 RHOB. District of Columbia -- 9 a.m. Open. Judiciary and education subc. On establish. independent jury system for D.C. Superior Crt. 1310 LHOB. Education and Labor -- 10:30 a.m. Open. Labor-manage. relations subc. Mark up plant closing legis. Construction industry labor law amends. 2261 RHOB. Education and Labor -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Employment opportunity subc. Mark up plant closing legis. 2257 RHOB. Energy and Commerce -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Telecommunications, consumer product. and finance subc. On legis. regulating govt. securities dealers. Fed. Reserve Brd. Chmn. Paul A. Volcker. 2322 RHOB. Energy and Commerce -- 10 a.m. Open. Commerce, transportation and tourism subc. On Trade Law Modernization Act. 2123 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 11 a.m. Closed. Asian and Pacific aff. subc. Hrng. on the situation in Asia. 2255 RHOB. Government Operations -- 1 p.m. Open. Govt. information, justice and agriculture subc. Hrng. on electronic collection and dissemination of information by fed. agencies. 2203 RHOB. House Administration -- 2 p.m. Open. Procure. and printing subc. Pending business. H-328 Cap. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:45 a.m. Open. On Compact of Free Association; Natl. Copper Policy Act. 1324 LHOB. Judiciary -- 2 p.m. Open. Crts., civil lib. and admin. of justice subc. Oversight hrng. on Marion Penitentiary. 2226 RHOB. Judiciary -- 10 a.m. Open. Criminal justice subc. Oversight hrng. on proposed amends. to Fed. Rules of Civil Procedure and Fed. Rules of Criminal Procedure. 2237 RHOB. Merchant Marine and Fisheries -- 9:30 a.m. Open. On Comp. Oil Pollution Liability and Comb. Act; other pending legis. 1334 LHOB. Merchant Marine and Fisheries -- 1:30 p.m. Open. Panama Canal-OCS subc. On OCS leasing. 1334 LHOB. Post Office and Civil Service -- 9:45 a.m. Open. Mark up Field Office Closing Justification Act; other pending legis. 311 Cannon House Office Building. Post Office and Civil Service -- 1 p.m. Open. Civil service subc. Cont. hrngs. on whistle-blower protection in the Office of Special Counsel. 304 CHOB. Post Office and Civil Service -- 2 p.m. Open. Census and population subc. On collection of statistics on domestic apparel and textile industries. 2337 RHOB. Public Works and Transportation -- 10 a.m. Open. Mark up water resource legis. 2167 RHOB. Public Works and Transportation -- Open. Invest. and oversight subc. Cont. on midair near collisions. 2167 RHOB. (Hrng. follows the full comte. markup.) Science and Technology -- 9 a.m. Open. Natural res., agri. res. and environ. subc. Hrng. on Superfund research. 2325 RHOB. Science and Technology -- 10 a.m. Open. Science policy task force. Hrng. on science in the political process. 2318 RHOB. Science and Technology -- 1:30 p.m. Open. Science, research and technology subc. On the role of technical information in U.S. competitiveness with Japan. 2318 RHOB. Ways and Means -- 9 a.m. Open. Cont. on tax reform: families. 2 p.m. Business. 1100 LHOB.