The Senate Judiciary Committee voted yesterday to reject the nomination of William Bradford Reynolds as associate attorney general. Here is a list of other major Reagan administration appointees whose nominations failed to clear the Senate or were withdrawn in the face of opposition.

The list includes some persons whose names were not resubmitted after their nominations expired at the end of a congressional session.

* Warren Richardson, assistant secretary of health and human services for legislation: Withdrawn April 24, 1981 after members of the Labor and Human Resources Committee criticized his background as general counsel of the Liberty Lobby from 1969 to 1973. Richardson said he did not share the group's views, but was forced by "political realism" to withdraw.

* Ernest W. Lefever, assistant secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs: Foreign Relations Committee rejected his nomination on June 5, 1981, by a vote of 13 to 4. Committee members had questioned Lefever's commitment to human rights and his view of their role in foreign policy.

* John R. Van de Water, chairman, National Labor Relations Board: Nomination rejected Nov. 19, 1981, by an 8-to-8 vote of the Labor and Human Resources Committee. Van de Water then received a recess appointment. The nomination was resubmitted in 1982, but was never acted on, and at the end of the year, his recess appointment expired.

* William M. Bell, chairman, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Withdrawn Feb. 12, 1982 in the face of opposition from civil rights groups.

* B. Sam Hart, member, U.S. Civil Rights Commission: Withdrawn Feb. 26, 1982, in the wake of opposition to the black radio evangelist because of his opposition to school desegregation and the Equal Rights Amendment.

* F. Keith Adkinson, member, Federal Trade Commission: Withdrawn March 29, 1982, after then-Sen. Howard W. Cannon (D-Nev.) accused him of lying to the Senate Commerce Committee about details of a book and movie contract he had arranged with a felon who had testified before the permanent subcommittee on investigations when Adkinson was a staff member.

* Norman Terrell, director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency's bureau of nuclear weapons control: Withdrawn Nov. 30, 1982, after Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) blocked the nomination, citing Terrell's record in the Carter administration.

* Robert T. Grey Jr., deputy director, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency: Withdrawn Jan. 4, 1983, after Helms blocked the nomination, citing Grey's views on arms control.

* Leslie Lenkowsky, deputy director, U.S. Information Agency: Rejected May 15, 1984, by an 11-to-6 vote of the Foreign Relations Committee. Lenkowsky came under fire because of his testimony about a "blacklist" of well-known Americans that was prepared while he was acting deputy director of the agency in 1983.

* Donald J. Devine, director, Office of Personnel Management: Nomination to a second term withdrawn June 7, 1985, after the acting director testified before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that Devine had asked her to lie about a delegation of authority he had signed, allowing him to act as OPM director while he awaited confirmation.