The District's Campaign Finance Office plans to audit financial records for City Council member Charlene Drew Jarvis' 1982 mayoral campaign and her 1984 council campaign, the director of the office said yesterday.

Jarvis (D-Ward 4) filed reports yesterday for both campaign funds. Finance office director Keith Vance said, however, that he plans to conduct an audit of both reports because they failed to give sufficient details.

Neither Jarvis nor Woodrow Boggs, chairman of both campaigns, could be reached for comment.

"The audit is to assist candidates and committees in properly putting their records together when verbal efforts have failed," Vance said. "The audit by no means is an indication of impropriety or illegality."

Former candidates are required to file reports as long as cash remains from a campaign. Vance said that Jarvis' campaign committee filed a report showing that she has $1,241.47 remaining from her 1982 mayoral campaign. But the report did not list any expenditures, he said.

The report for last year's council race showed that Jarvis had received $24,715, spent $23,680, has $1,035 in cash on hand and $14,460 in debts, said Vance. The report did not elaborate on the debts, Vance added.

Last August, Vance notified Jarvis that she had failed to file seven overdue reports. Jarvis subsequently filed consolidated reports.