The house of one of South Africa's most prominent Asian politicians was slightly damaged by an explosion late last night, the third such attack in two months against nonwhite parliamentary leaders accused of "collaborating" with the white-minority government here.

The attack on the home of Amichand Rajbansi, chief minister of the Asian house in South Africa's racially divided Parliament, marked a further escalation of political violence in the port city of Durban.

Until last week it had been spared most of the unrest that has resulted in 50 deaths since last September largely in the Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth areas and led to the government's declaration of a state of emergency in 36 districts on July 21.

The government has claimed a sharp drop in unrest in the designated districts since the emergency took effect, although police have reported 24 deaths. But recent incidents in Durban and in the Cape Town area suggest that the violence may be spilling over into new regions.

Also today, police announced the arrests of 14 more persons, bringing to 1,426 the number of arrests since the emergency declaration took effect. They said 109 of those persons have been released.