A woman who jumped in front of an elevated subway train and fell to the street died yesterday, while a man who tried to get passengers on another subway to move over so he could sit was shot in the neck and stomach, police said.

The incidents occurred during the morning rush hours, one in Manhattan, the other in the Bronx.

In the Bronx, the woman had lost her legs in a suicide attempt four years ago at the same subway station, officials said.

"Half a dozen witnesses including the motorman saw her jump," said Sgt. James Duffy, a spokesman for the Transit Authority Police.

While transit workers waited for an ambulance, the woman fell from the tracks to the street below. It was not immediately known if the train struck her or if her injuries were a result of the fall to the street, Duffy said.

In the second incident, witnesses said an altercation began when the suspect and the suspect's companion refused the victim's request to move over on the bench seat, police said.

"Another person sitting next to them kind of squeezed over and made room for him," said Ed Silberfarb of the transit authority.

"The victim then began remonstrating with the perpetrator, saying he had no respect for others, no consideration," Silberfarb said. He said the suspect "stood up, stepped back, took out a handgun and fired at least two shots."

In the ensuing panic, the gunman escaped and five other passengers in the standing-room-only subway car received minor injuries, Silberfarb said.