A city bus crushed a car at a busy lakefront intersection yesterday, killing seven people in the car and injuring 60 on the bus, officials said.

The car's occupants were heading for a Bruce Springsteen concert last night at Soldier Field, about a mile from the accident site on Lake Shore Drive, according to Sue Trizna, who identified herself as a relative of one of the victims.

Several bus passengers said the car swerved in front of the bus. But Terry Levin, a spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney, said, "We have witnesses that say the bus driver was at fault and the car driver was doing nothing illegal, but was making a proper left-hand turn."

The bus driver, David Johnson, 47, who suffered minor injuries, was charged with a felony, reckless homicide, and two misdemeanors, driving too fast for conditions and improper lane usage, Levin said.

The vinyl top on the green Cadillac was crushed into the seats from the weight of the bus. Rescue workers used an electric saw to cut the top of the car away and then pulled it back like the lid of a can. All the car's occupants were dead at the scene.