From a statement by Richard Seymour of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law:

Under the present executive order, the government can look at the same kinds of evidence a court would examine to determine if a contractor is in violation of the law. The draft (order) would bar the government from looking at any statistical proof, no matter how compelling, and no matter how great the weight a court would give to such proof. . . . The draft would leave nothing but the facade of the present enforcement program, and would gut everything of value in the program.

If the draft order is signed, it would be the most extreme action the administration has yet taken in the civil rights area. It would effectively limit the executive order to rare cases in which direct proof of intentional discrimination is available. The Equal Employment Opportunity Comrtment, combined, file only a couple of hundred fair employment lawsuits a year (out of almost 10,000 new cases filed under the fair employment laws by private citizens each year), and the Labor Department's monitoring of thousands of government contractors each year under the present executive order has been the government's main weapon in combating job discrimination. Dismantling it will be a great comfort to bigots everywhere.