From a speech by Sen. Paul Laxalt (R) to the Nevada Senate in Carson City Aug. 19:

Since Momma and Poppa came here many years ago to this tiny town -- at the time -- the state gave them the opportunity, through sheer hard work, to raise six of us, educate us to the limit of our potential; and went to their resting places knowing that as parents, as citizens of their adopted country, they had, along with millions of other immigrants, fulfilled their American dream.

. . . Their children -- six of us -- have also had the opportunity to pursue our various careers -- in education, the arts, the law, as parents -- to perpetuate their dream.

And each of us have felt in our own way that we owed a huge obligation to them, to Nevada, to repay that debt.

In our own way we've attempted to do that. That's where we've been. Today the Laxalts are many more. Now Poppa and Momma have, in addition to their children, and grandchildren, many great-grandchildren to perpetuate their memory, Ten of them are mine.

In my unbiased, grandfatherly opinion, they're great youngsters, will soon make their own mark in this great state and country.

All that has made my own decision as to whether to run for reelection agonizingly painful. On the one hand, my independent Basque soul cries for more freedom. On the other, my deep sense of responsibility and obligation has greatly restrained me. . . .

Now the moment of truth: My fellow Nevadans, I continue to feel a deep and abiding obligation to our state, to our president, to my party, to the U.S. Senate. But I feel the obligation can be discharged in other ways than remaining in the Senate. Accordingly, I have decided not to seek reelection.