From a speech by Clive Menell, a Johannesburg businessman, before the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Aug. 5:

The events of the past year must shock us out of our past ways. We need to move away, swiftly and conclusively, from the body of laws and the weight of customs and conventions which have restricted -- no cursed -- our society, reinforcing ignorance and prejudice, concentrating always on that which divides man rather than that which unites him with his fellow man in our country. I think of all the potential riches that could be unleashed, the great talents that would appear if we would truly accept the errors of the past and recognize one nation, South Africa, with its many people -- rich in its diversity of race, religion and background. With this change the stage can be set for genuine negotiation towards a . . . future peaceful, prosperous and shared South Africa.

Finally, I would like to add a word specifically to my fellow businessmen. In the present difficult situation the act of silently going about one's business can be seen as supporting the status quo of discrimination and injustice. Business as a whole must identify itself unequivocally with the important changes that are needed to move South Africa away from apartheid. Black businessmen are particularly vulnerable in this respect, and I would submit that the black business community needs to be seen to be actively involved in wanting to change South Africa -- change in ways broader than just those required for black business to grow today. . . .

Our present situation demands, above all else, a sense of urgency, a sense of purpose, in addressing and redressing the errors of the past.