Iraq said its warplanes dropped a dozen 1,000-pound bombs on Iran's Kharg Island oil export terminal yesterday to impede repairs on jetties hit in two previous raids.

An Iraqi military spokesman said in Baghdad that the bombs hit oil-loading facilities at the huge Persian Gulf terminal, which handles most of the oil exports that finance Iran's effort in the 5-year-old war with Iraq.

Marine salvage executives could not confirm the Iraqi claim, The Associated Press reported. This was the third raid on the heavily guarded terminal that Iraq has reported in two weeks.

The communique distributed by the official Iraqi News Agency said that the object of the bombing was to obstruct repair work on loading jetties damaged in the first raid, on Aug. 15.

Iraq had said its jets returned to Kharg on Sunday, dropping eight 1,100-pound bombs on the jetties, with the stated aim of disrupting "work on extinguishing fires resulting from the previous strike."

Iran has made no official comment on the raids. An editorial in the semiofficial Tehran newspaper Keyhan al Arabi said after the earlier attacks that they were not worthy of comment by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's government.

The Middle East Economic Survey, based in Nicosia, Cyprus, reported after the first two raids that Kharg's oil-loading activities were "proceeding at normal levels."