Based on information supplied by the White House, an item on Monday's Federal Report page incorrectly reported the name of the last person to serve as assistant director of the National Science Foundation for astronomical, atmospheric and earth ocean sciences on a permanent basis. It was Francis S. Johnson.

Jeffrey I. Zuckerman, chief of staff of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, has been nominated to be the commission's general counsel.

William J. Merrell Jr., associate dean of the college of geosciences at Texas A&M University, has been nominated to be an assistant director of the National Science Foundation. Merrell would replace Floyd J. Rutherford as chief of the astronomical, atmospheric, earth and ocean sciences division.

At the Commerce Department, Paul Freedenberg, staff director of the Senate Banking subcommittee on international finance, has been nominated to be assistant secretary for trade administration. In addition, J. Michael Farren, counselor to Secretary Malcolm Baldrige, has been appointed deputy undersecretary for international trade.

Brig. Gen. Mildred E. Hedberg, the Army's highest female officer, today becomes the first woman to head an Army headquarters staff agency, the Pentagon announced.

Hedberg, 56, will be the adjutant general, responsible for advising the Army's chief of staff on matters involving the administration and management of the service.

At the Housing and Urban Development Department, Luisa A. Bras has been appointed special adviser for Hispanic affairs to the deputy undersecretary for intergovernmental relations. Bras served for four years as confidential assistant to the assistant secretary of HUD for fair housing and equal opportunity.

Susan Gleeson of Framingham, Mass., has been appointed executive director of the President's Committee on Mental Retardation. Previously, she has served as interim executive director of the Boston Visting Nurse Association and was its director of patient services.