Recent comments by President Reagan on whether the United States would be willing abandon research on the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI):

*March 11, an interview in Newsweek:

Q. Will SDI be read by the Soviets as a bargaining chip?

A. They will find out very quickly that it isn't because -- no, what we're doing is not prevented by any treaty -- research, there it is.

*April 29, an interview with journalists representing overseas media:

And it seems to me that if there is the possibility of having the deterrent that is more based on defensive weapons, which doesn't kill people but only kills weapons, that then we should be moving in that direction at the same time that we continue our effort to get the reduction between us of nuclear weapons.

*May 23, answers to questions from Il Tempo of Italy:

We firmly oppose the idea that progress in any one area of the negotiations should or must be held hostage to progress in any other area.

*July 13, in a national radio address:

As the Book of Luke says: "If a strong man shall keep his court well guarded, he shall live in peace." Well, SDI, our Strategic Defense Initiative, could prove crucial to guarding security and peace for America and her allies.

*Aug. 22, in a speech in Los Angeles:

We keep hearing some self-declared experts and some of those blame-America-first crowd saying that our SDI concept is unfeasible and a waste of money. Well, if that's true, why are the Soviets so upset about it? As a matter of fact, why are they investing so many rubles of their own in the same technologies?

*Sept. 17, in a nationally televised press conference:

Q. Would you be willing to explore the possibility of a tradeoff on the space weapons for big cuts in the Soviet arsenal?

A. No, we're talking about the Strategic Defense Initiative now . . . . It is purely to see if we can find a defensive weapon so that we can get rid of the idea that our deterrence should be the threat of retaliations, whether from the Russians toward us or us toward them, of the slaughter of millions of people by way of nuclear weapons.

*Oct. 5, in a speech in Parsippany, N.J.:

I ain't going to do it.