Meets at 9 a.m.


Armed Services -- 10 a.m. Open. Defense acquisition policy subc. Implementation of 1984 defense procurement legislation. 138 Dirksen Office Building. Armed Services -- 2 p.m. Open and closed. Preparedness subc. DOD method of determining the current and outyear O-and-M budget request. 232A Russell Office Building. Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Nominaion of George Gould to be treasury undersecy. 538 DOB. Commerce, Science and Transportation -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Science, technology and space subc. Satellite insurance and commercial space activities. 253 ROB. Finance -- 2 p.m. Open. Social Security subc. Disinvestment of the Social Security trust funds. 215 DOB. Foreign Relations -- 10 a.m. Open. Nuclear strategy, ballistic missile defense and arms control. 2:30 p.m. Open. Nominations of Robert Barry to be U.S. rep. to the Conference on Confidence and Security Building Measures and Disarmament in Europe; Roger Kirk to be U.S. ambassador to Romania; Gregory Newell to be U.S. ambassador to Sweden. 419 DOB. Judiciary -- 10 a.m. Open. Administrative practice and procedure subc. Mark up Rulemaking Procedures Reform Act, False Claims Reform Act, and Equitable Waiver of Federal Claims. 226 DOB. Judiciary -- 2 p.m. Closed. Hrngs. on Stanley Sporkin to be U.S. District Court judge for the District of Columbia. S-407 Capitol. Select on Indian Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Pending calendar business. 385 ROB. Select on Intelligence -- 4 p.m. Closed. Briefing on U.S. intelligence monitoring capabilities. 219 Hart Office Building. Conferees -- 11 a.m. Open. FY86 HUD appropriations. S-128 Cap. HOUSE

Meets at 10 a.m.


Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Domestic monetary policy subc. On relationship between value of the dollar, domestic credit and interest rates. 2128 Rayburn House Office Building. Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Intern'l. finance, trade and monetary policy subc. Mark up tied aid credit legis. 2220 RHOB. District of Columbia -- 9 a.m. Open. Fiscal affairs and health subc. On the period of cong. review for D.C. acts and bills auth. issuance of revenue bonds. 1310 Longworth House Office Building. District of Columbia -- 10 a.m. Open. Govern. ops. and metropolitan affairs subc. Oversight hrng. on homeless Americans in the nation's capital. 1310 LHOB. Education and Labor -- 1:30 p.m. Open. Labor standards subc. On Occupational Disease Compensation Act. 2261 RHOB. Energy and Commerce -- 10 a.m. Open. Fossil and synth. fuels subc. On the impact of tax reform on production of oil, gas and coal. 2322 RHOB. Energy and Commerce -- 10 a.m. Open. Oversight and invest. subc. On the accounting controversy on the financial worth of savings and loan institutions. 2123 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Europe and Mideast subc. On case of Miroslav Medvid. 2172 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 1:30 p.m. Open. Mark up concerning Soviet presence in Afghanistan; legis. on arm sales to Jordan, and legis. on terrorism. 2172 RHOB. House Administration -- 1:30 p.m. Open. Elections subc. Oversight hrng on Fed. Elec. Comm. 311 Cannon House Office Building. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:45 a.m. Open. Oversight hrng. on Seneca tribe of New York and Reno-Sparks Indian colony, Nev. 2325 RHOB. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:45 a.m. Open. Mining and natural resources subc. Oversight hrng. on metallurgical coal industry. 1324 LHOB. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:45 a.m. Open. Public lands subc. On amend. Alaska Nat'l. Interest Lands Act. 1302 LHOB. Judiciary -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Civil and constit. rights subc. Hrng. to examine affirmative action for federal contractors. 2226 RHOB. Judiciary -- 10 a.m. Open. Crime subc. Business meeting on E.F. Hutton inquiry. B-352 RHOB. Judiciary -- 10:30 a.m. Open. Criminal justice subc. On legis. concerning imposition of federal death penalty. 2237 RHOB. Judiciary -- 2 p.m. Open. Immig., refugees and intern'l. law subc. On relating to displaced Salvadorans. 2226 RHOB. Merchant Marine and Fisheries -- 10 a.m. Open. Merchant marine subc. Legislation to amend laws limiting shipowners' liability. 1334 LHOB. Post Office and Civil Service -- 10 a.m. Open. Postal ops. and services subc. Automation of 9-digit zip code. 311 CHOB. Public Works and Transportation -- 10 a.m. Open. Surface trans. subc. Cont. on Motor Carrier Act of 1980. 2167 RHOB. Public Works and Transportation -- 10 a.m. Open. Public bldgs. and grounds subc. Pending public building prospectuses. 2253 RHOB. Science and Technology -- 1 p.m. Open. Energy research and production subc. Progress and problems in implementation of nuclear waste policy. 2318 RHOB. Small Business -- 10 a.m. Open. SBA-SBIC auth. subc. To amend Small Business Investment Act. 2359-A RHOB.