Damage estimates are rising as authorities continue to assess the devastation from last week's flood and count those who died.

In West Virginia, 29 counties have qualified for federal disaster aid. The death count was 26, with 29 persons still missing yesterday.

David Schles of the governor's staff called a $200 million damage figure low. "We're probably a day or two away from a reliable estimate."

In Virginia, 29 counties and cities have been declared disaster areas and state authorities were waiting to hear whether additional jurisdictions would qualify.

Authorities said 18 persons had died in the flood and one was still reported missing. Preliminary damage estimates surpassed $500 million.

Pennsylvania authorities said six counties had been declared disaster areas, and the state has calculated replacement costs for structural damage at $37 million.

The American Red Cross said that about 16,000 homes had been destroyed by the flood. According to those figures, 9,313 homes were destroyed in West Virginia, 3,500 were destroyed in Virginia, 2,722 were destroyed in Pennsylvania and 412 were destroyed in Maryland.

In Virginia, officials said 802 cars were destroyed in Roanoke. They estimated the number of houses damaged in Virginia at 20,000.