Paul Castellano

The 70-year-old reputed boss of the Gambino family is under indictment as an alleged commission member. Ten other Gambino family members and associates were charged in March 1984 with racketeering, car theft, loan sharking, drug trafficking and murder. The charges might result in up to seven trials. The first trial, now under way, deals with a multimillion dollar car-theft ring. Carmine Persico

The 52-year-old reputed boss of the Colombo family and 10 others are on trial, charged with bribery and extortion in the restaurant and construction industries through seven labor union locals. Gennaro (Jerry Lang) Langella, acting family boss while Persico was in prison on a truck-hijacking conviction, was named in the indictment of alleged commission members. Anthony Salerno

The 73-year-old reputed boss of the Genovese family was indicted in February as a member of an alleged five-family organized-crime commission. Nineteen other Genovese family members and associates are charged with skimming $2.5 million from several Manhattan restaurants and topless bars. A separate indictment charged seven family members with hiding their ownership of garbage-disposal companies that had done $4 million worth of business with Consolidated Edison. Philip Rastelli

The 67-year-old reputed boss of the Bonanno family is under indictment as an alleged commission member. He and 16 others, including top Teamsters officials, are charged with bid-rigging in the moving industry.

Twenty-two other family members and associates are on trial in the "Pizza Connection" case, on charges that the family smuggled $1.6 billion worth of heroin from Asia to the United States, distributing it through a string of pizza parlors. The indictment also cites the 1979 murder of Bonanno crime boss Carmine Galante. Antonio Corallo

The 71-year-old reputed boss of the Lucchese family is under indictment as an alleged commission member. Tapes from a tiny radio transmitter planted in his car led to the indictment of all five family heads. Corallo is also accused of controlling Long Island's private garbage-carting industry.

Last February, six alleged family members and two Teamsters officials were indicted on charges of extortion, insider trading and mail fraud involving the air cargo industry at John F. Kennedy International Airport.