*Larry Wu-Tai Chin, 63, a retired CIA analyst, arrested on charges that he passed classified national security documents over many years.

*Jonathan J. Pollard, 31, a civilian employe of the Naval Investigative Service, arrested on charges he provided secret documents to a foreign government. Anne L. Henderson-Pollard, 25, Pollard's wife, was arrested on charges of possessing unauthorized classified documents. The couple awaits trial.

*John Anthony Walker Jr., 48, retired Navy communications specialist, masterminded a family spy ring that included his son, Michael Walker, 22, a seaman assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz; Arthur James Walker, 51, John Walker's brother and a former Navy officer, and John Walker's friend, Jerry Whitworth.

Under an agreement with prosecutors, Walker, who pleaded guilty last month to espionage and conspiracy, could be sentenced to life in prison for selling secrets to the Soviets over a 17-year period. Under the plea-bargaining arrangement, Michael Walker could receive a 25-year sentence.

Arthur Walker was given a life sentence Nov. 12 for his role in the case, and Whitworth, who is charged with receiving $332,000 for passing military secrets, is scheduled for trial in San Francisco on Jan. 13.

*Edward L. Howard, 33, a former CIA employe who was fired from the agency in 1983, was charged by the FBI on Sept. 23 with selling U.S. intelligence secrets to Soviet KGB officials in Austria a year ago. Howard fled from his home near Santa Fe, N.M., on Sept. 21. He is believed to have left the United States.

*Sharon M. Scranage, 29, a CIA clerk, was charged July 11 with espionage and leaking secrets to the government of Ghana where she had been working on assignment. Scranage, of King George, Va., was arrested with Michael Soussoudis, 39, a relative of Ghana's leader. Scranage has pleaded guilty to disclosing classified information but awaits trial on spying charges. Soussoudis has not gone on trial yet.

*Richard M. Miller, a former FBI agent, faces a second espionage trial after a federal jury in Los Angeles deadlocked in the first trial Nov. 6. Miller, a 20-veteran, was charged with passing classified documents to his Soviet lover in a deal which allegedly included $65,000 in cash and gold. The lover, Svetlana Ogorodnikova, and her husband, Nikolay, pleaded guilty to espionage charges and are serving jail sentences.

*Samuel Loring Morison, 40, of Crofton, Md., a former Navy intelligence analyst, was convicted Oct. 17 of giving the British military journal, Jane's Defence Weekly, three photographs of a Soviet aircraft carrier under construction. The pictures were taken by a U.S. spy satellite. Morison is scheduled to be sentenced Monday.

*Thomas Patrick Cavanagh, 40, a former Northrop Corp. engineer, was sentenced to life in prison May 13 in Los Angeles after confessing that he had tried to sell secret plans for the Stealth bomber to FBI agents posing as Soviet spies.