The office manager of a Northeast Washington trash company was arrested yesterday and charged with forging part of a government contract that gave the company permission to dispose of infectious waste at a local hospital, the FBI reported.

Barbara C. Pugh, 48, office manager of Kenilworth Trash Co., was arrested about 10 a.m. at the company's office at 4214 Hunt Pl. NE, an FBI spokesman said. Pugh, who lives at 7918 Cawker Ave., Lanham, was charged in a U.S. District Court warrant with forging a name to a government contract.

According to the FBI spokesman, Kenilworth Trash Co. signed a $120,000, six-month contract in the spring with Andrews Air Force Base for the removal of trash and infectious waste from the base.

Before the contract was awarded, the company had to assure the government that the firm had a suitable place to incinerate infectious waste, such as body parts, the spokesman said. He said the company produced an alleged agreement with Holy Cross Hospital, saying the company was allowed to use the hospital's incinerator to dispose of waste.

"An investigation at the hospital determined that Holy Cross was unaware of any such agreement . . . and that the name signed to the agreement was forged," the spokesman said.

He said it is not known where the company disposed of the waste. No company officials were available to comment yesterday.

In September, the president of Kenilworth Trash, Edmond Johnson, 70, was charged with bribery after the company allegedly purchased more than $500 of city hydraulic fluids and chemicals from a D.C. government employe.