Police arrested 34 demonstrators who shouted antiracist slogans as they marched into a mostly white neighborhood under an emergency declaration that had been issued because of protests against blacks moving in.

Mayor W. Wilson Goode said the march was an attempt by outsiders to "inflame" tensions in the southwest Philadelphia neighborhood, which earlier was the scene of protests by whites against blacks who had purchased homes there.

Police said the antiracism demonstrators, most of whom were white, were arrested when they ignored police warnings and crossed the boundary of the emergency zone, where no more than four people are allowed to form a group outdoors except for recreation, religious activity or public transportation. Twenty-two of the 34 were not from the Philadelphia area, Goode said.

Until yesterday, no arrests had been reported for violations of the state of emergency declared Nov. 22 by Goode. The mayor issued the order a day after about 200 protesters gathered outside the home of an interracial couple, who had moved in the previous weekend.

That demonstration followed one the previous night by about 400 whites who gathered outside the home of a black couple, chanting "We want them out" and "Beat it." That couple has since decided to move, officials said.