David Fuller, the husband of Catherine Fuller, exulted yesterday after a D.C. Superior Court jury convicted two more defendants in his wife's slaying.

"I feel good! I feel good! My son David was with me when we heard it on the news. He jumped straight up in the air. I feel good! I feel good! I feel good! I feel good!

"I believe in the Bible. I believe in an eye for an eye. I hate that D.C. doesn't have the death penalty. It's a lot of people who think they can kill somebody and get away with it.

"Now we got to feed those prisoners. They'll be sitting up looking at TV and having fun. I feel better, though, because I know they'll be behind those bars."

Fuller said the hardest time for him during the trial was when his 14-year-old son William, distraught over the details of his mother's death reported in the news media, walked away from home and was missing for a day last month.

"My son is doing pretty good now," he said, adding that a sympathetic newspaper reader had taken the boy under her wing and plans to take him on a vacation.

"I'm going to try to make Christmas happy for the children," Fuller said.

"I'm going to give them more love, if I can give them more than I've been giving. I'm living to help them to be good citizens, and I know they will never have to go through anything like this again."