Because of incorrect information released by police, a wrong address was given for Donald Leroy Brown in a story Sunday on his conviction on charges of armed robbery, burglary and use of a handgun. The correct address is 4704 Quimby Ave., Beltsville, according to Montgomery County prosecutors.

Two brothers have been convicted in Montgomery County Circuit Court of multiple counts of robbery, burglary and handgun use for a crime spree this year that terrified residents.

A series of four trials spanned two weeks and ended yesterday when Donald Leroy Brown, 32, of 2016 Perry St. NE was convicted of four counts of armed robbery, four of use of a handgun and one of burglary. The charges came from a break-in Feb. 22, in which four elderly residents of a house in the 2600 block of Blaine Drive in Silver Spring were forced to lie on the floor and were robbed at gunpoint.

Earlier, Donald Brown was convicted of two counts of armed robbery and one of burglary for robbing an elderly couple in the 1300 block of Woodside Parkway, Silver Spring, and of two counts of armed robbery, two of use of a handgun and one of burglary for a Feb. 12 robbery of another elderly couple on Dumar Court in Kensington. He faces up to 20 years for each of the 17 counts.

His brother, Dennis Curtis Brown, 28, of 5600 Nicholson Dr., Riverdale, was convicted Thursday of one count of armed robbery, one of use of a handgun and one of burglary in the April 30 predawn robbery of a woman and her teen-aged daughter in their home on East West Highway in Bethesda. Each count carries a maximum 20-year sentence.

"We're going to seek sentences without parole for both of them," said prosecutor Robert Dean.