South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan reshuffled his 24-member Cabinet today, making 10 new appointments. Most of the changes affected economic posts, while others brought retired military men into key defense and political jobs.

Shin Byong Hyun, deputy prime minister and head of the Economic Planning Board, was replaced by Finance Minister Kim Mahn Je. Kim's job was taken over by Chung In Yong, former head of a bank inspection agency.

South Korea's export-driven economy has slowed down this year due to faltering demand for its products abroad. Although the government reports gross national product grew by about 5 percent last year, the figure was far below what was sought.

Some analysts in Seoul said the changes were intended to revitalize economic policy. However, Kim told reporters tonight that economic policy would continue unchanged.

Chun also replaced his defense minister, Yoon Sung Min, who had been in the job almost four years. The new minister is Lee Ki Baek, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and a military academy classmate of Chun, who is a former general.

Sports Minister Lee Yong Ho was also replaced with a military man, Park Se Jik, who has served previously as a Cabinet minister and commander of the capital garrison.

Chun is believed to have been dissatisfied with Lee's negotiations with American television networks over rights to televise the 1988 Olympics, which are to be held in Seoul. Last year, Seoul awarded a contract worth $300 million plus an unknown portion of advertising revenues. The government had been hoping for considerably more.

As new head of the Legislative Administration Agency, Chun appointed Lee Yang Woo, a naval academy graduate who has experience in the National Assembly. The agency handles new laws and works closely with the judicial system.

A former senior secretary to the president, Chung Kwan Yong, was named minister of government administration. And Kim Keun Soo, a former vice ministerial-level official at the Agency for National Security Planning, formerly known as the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, was appointed to head the Patriots and Veterans Affairs Agency.