Randy Miles Jeffries, a messenger for a District company that transcribes closed congressional hearings, was indicted yesterday on two counts of espionage.

A federal grand jury here charged Jeffries, 26, with one count of delivering and attempting to deliver national defense documents to Soviet agents and another count of delivering and attempting to deliver national defense documents to a person not entitled to receive them.

The first count carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and the second carries a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Jeffries, of 143 Rhode Island Ave. NW, was arrested Dec. 20 after he allegedly offered to sell three classified documents for $5,000 to an FBI undercover agent posing as a Soviet official.

According to an FBI affidavit, Jeffries told the undercover agent that he had already given the Soviets more than 60 "sample pages" of the documents, including a transcript of a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee classified top secret.

An FBI agent testified at a court hearing last month that a co-worker of Jeffries at Acme Reporting Co. saw Jeffries smuggle a 200-page stack of classified papers out of the office on Dec. 14. Jeffries told the co-worker he "needed to find a Russian to sell the documents to," the agent, Michael Giglia, testified.

Later that day, Giglia testified, a man identifying himself as "Dano" was overheard telephoning the Soviet Military Office here and offering to sell secret documents. An FBI agent who spoke with a Russian accent and identified himself as "Vladimir" later telephoned Jeffries, ascertained that he was "Dano," and arranged the meeting at which Jeffries allegedly offered to sell the documents, Giglia said.