Richard A. Viguerie's direct-mail company, the subject of several recent lawsuits, filed a suit of its own yesterday, accusing a conservative group of planning to sell its mailing list and seeking almost $900,000 in damages from the group.

The suit, filed at Fairfax County Circuit Court, alleges that the National Tax Limitation Committee of Falls Church breached a three-year-old agreement with the Viguerie Co. that called for all direct-mail funds received by the group to be deposited in a specific account in a Massachusetts bank.

The suit said that the committee, which lobbies on behalf of a balanced budget amendment, refused to deposit the contributions into the account.

The fund-raising company, also based in Falls Church, claims that as of Jan. 3 it was owed $128,558.46 in the funds being "wrongfully withheld" and that the amount owed had increased daily ever since. The suit also asks for $889,000 in damages.

The suit claims the committee intends to sell the company's mailing lists, which are "its lifeblood."

Mark Q. Rhoads, vice president of communications for the committee, said the group has disputed some of the terms of the Viguerie contract. "We still hope the dispute will be settled in an amicable manner out of court," he said.

Eight lawsuits, most of them over debts, have been filed against the Viguerie Co. in Fairfax County Circuit Court since July, including a $1.1 million suit filed by the First American Bank of Virginia.