A government spokesman denied today that President Ferdinand Marcos is ill and said a bandage that was seen on Marcos' hand during a campaign rally yesterday resulted from a scratch by overeager supporters.

Deputy Information Minister Gualbuerto Lumauig said Marcos had suffered a cut in yesterday's rally. Marcos was visibly tired as he was carried by security agents onto a stage in the northern city of Dagupan. He also appeared to be in pain, having difficulty raising his left hand.

A plaster strip was seen on the back of the president's left palm. Several reporters said the strip peeled off and blood trickled out, requiring medical treatment.

Marcos took a day off from his provincial campaign today, while opposition leader Corazon Aquino campaigned on the southern island of Mindanao.

Aquino campaign headquarters announced that a local official supporting Aquino in the northern province of Ilocos Sur was shot to death in a rice field early Friday, United Press International reported. A statement released in Manila said Antonio Nolasco, an Aquino supporter and elected leader in Narvacan, 200 miles north of Manila, was gunned down by a policeman's son. There was no independent confirmation of the report.

[In a separate development, a nephew of First Lady Imelda Marcos said Friday that he had resigned his post as commercial counselor of the Philippine Embassy in Brussels. Norberto Romualdez III said foreigners were reluctant to invest in the Philippines because of political instability and impressions of government corruption, The Associated Press reported.]