Three Spanish Embassy employes were kidnaped at gunpoint near Beirut International Airport today.

Police said the three men, a Spaniard and two Lebanese, were abducted by gunmen on their way from the airport to the embassy's offices in Christian-controlled east Beirut.

The seizure of the embassy officials came only hours after Spain established full diplomatic relations with Israel at a meeting in The Hague. The kidnaped Spaniard was identified as Pedro Sanchez, a member of a special antiterrorist police unit sent to Lebanon in anticipation of reprisals for the planned move. The other victims were counselor Assad Abdo and vice counselor Gaspar Abdo, described as Lebanese with Spanish diplomatic passports. They are brothers.

Hours after the incident, a man telephoned a western news agency in Beirut and said he was a relative of two Lebanese Shiite Moslems jailed in Spain for a 1983 attempt to assassinate a Libyan diplomat.

Earlier today, French Nazi-hunter Beate Klarsfeld arrived in Beirut to denounce the executions of two Jewish residents seized in Lebanon since last year and to offer herself as a hostage in place of five remaining Jewish captives.

"I have come to denounce . . . the assassinations of two Jewish hostages killed because they were Lebanese Jews, which reminds me of the crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews," Klarsfeld said.

"I want to show solidarity with the Jews, to assume responsibility as a German after the Holocaust," she said.