*This One Will Be Easier: Running for the U.S. Senate is a formidable task but to Hamilton Jordan, who has announced for the Georgia Democratic primary in August, it doesn't look all that tough after what he's been through.

Backed by his doctor, Jordan, 41, said he is cured of the lymph cancer for which he underwent chemotherapy last year and that he wouldn't make the campaign "if I were not confident of a complete cure, that I could stand the rigors of a long campaign and eventually serve in the Senate." Dr. Richard Hammonds, Jordan's physician for 20 years, said his chance of "having to deal with cancer again in his life is about the same as any normal person's chances."

Jordan, the architect of Jimmy Carter's successful 1976 presidential campaign and Carter's White House chief of staff, will face a field that probably will include Rep. Wyche Fowler Jr., Atlanta attorney David Garrett and state Rep. John Russell vying for the right to challenge Sen. Mack Mattingly, the Republican incumbent who upset Herman Talmadge in 1980. Mattingly, who entered his campaign against Talmadge with a kitty of $25,000, reportedly has raised $2 million for his reelection.

*Going After McCloskey: Republican Rick McIntyre of Indiana, who failed to unseat Rep. Frank McCloskey (D) in 1984 in one of the closest and most bitter House races ever, announced he'll take another crack at it. McIntyre was certified the winner by state election officials but House Democrats denied the validity of two recounts and refused to seat him.

*Rejuvenated: Sen. Warren B. Rudman (R-N.H.), coauthor of you-know-what, has announced for reelection so he can fight for compliance with the balanced-budget law that bears his name. Six months ago, Rudman was moping around Capitol Hill complaining that he was bored, discouraged and unfulfilled by the Senate and speculating that he might retire after one term. Now he has found new meaning in life. "I do this because I am enthused that this process Gramm-Rudman-Hollings is going to work," he said at his announcement in Concord.