Following are details about the eight convicted or suspected spies released in the prisoner exchange along with Anatoly Scharansky:

Released by the West:

*Yevgeny Zemlyakov, a former member of the Soviet trade mission in Cologne, West Germany, was jailed for three years in September 1985 for high-technology espionage for Moscow.

*Karl F. Koecher, a 52-year-old Czechoslovak, was charged in November 1984 with passing U.S. national defense secrets to Czechoslovakia while working as a translator and contract employe for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Prosecution lawyers said he was trained as a "mole" and sent to the United States in the 1960s. The government said he was the first foreign agent ever known to have infiltrated the CIA. Koecher pleaded no contest last week and was sentenced to life in prison in a secret Justice Department agreement that included a commitment to include Koecher in the prisoner exchange, according to his lawyer.

*Hana Koecher, 40, was accused of acting as a courier for her husband and was arrested as a material witness.

*Jerzy Kaczmarek, a lieutenant colonel in Polish intelligence, was arrested in the north German city of Bremen in March 1985 and was awaiting trial on charges of espionage in several cities since his arrival in West Germany in 1978.

Kaczmarek, 34, was registered as a teacher and worked until his arrest under the alias Heinz Peter Arnold at a government resettlement office in Bremen that deals mainly with immigrants and ethnic Germans arriving from Poland.

*Detlef Scharfenorth, a 43-year-old East German, was jailed for four years in June 1985 for economic espionage for East Germany's secret service, the State Security Service.

Scharfenorth, an economist, obtained economic and scientific data from university students.

Released by the East:

*Wolf Georg Frohn, 41, an East German who was jailed for life in 1981 on charges of spying for the Central Intelligence Agency.

*Jaroslav Jaworsky, 38, a Czechoslovak sentenced in that country in 1978 to 13 years in jail for helping others leave the country illegally.

*Dietrich Nistroy, 50, a West German given a life sentence in 1982 for spying against East Germany for the Bonn government.