This year's meeting of the "Secret Seven" was expected to include some or all of the following nine members of the Senate Finance Committee: Edward E. Willey, 75. Hunter B. Andrews, 64, a Democrat from Hampton who serves as Willey's chief senatorial confidant on budget matters. Andrews, a lawyer, is majority leader of the Senate. Stanley C. Walker, 62, a Norfolk Democrat who has served in the Senate since 1972. His profession involves construction and development companies. Howard P. Anderson, 70, a Halifax County Democrat first elected to the Senate in 1972. He is a lawyer and farmer. William F. Parkerson Jr., 65, a Henrico County lawyer elected to the Senate in 1964. Peter K. Babalas, 63, a Norfolk Democrat and fourth ranking member of the Senate. He is scheduled for trial this spring on conflict-of-interest charges stemming from votes he cast last year that benefited finance companies like the one that paid him $61,000 in attorneys fees. Clive L. DuVal II, 73, a Fairfax Democrat. DuVal, a lawyer, is chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus and has served in the Senate since 1972. Dudley J. (Buzz) Emick Jr., 46, a Democrat from Botetourt County. A lawyer who has served in the Senate since 1976, he is the group's most junior member. William A. Truban, 61, a Republican from Woodstock. Elected in 1971, the veterinarian is Senate minority leader.